Most Commonly Asked Questions

What is a Healing Crisis?

When a person has a healing crisis, it can sometimes look as if the problem they wished to get relief from has worsened. When the heightening of symptoms after a Reiki  or Energy treatment is temporary, this is almost always due to a healing crisis. It is an indication that the system is rebalancing and clearing away that which does not serve its purposes any longer. To illustrate why this might happen, imagine you plan to clean out a drawer and organize its contents. This process will create temporary disarray as you remove the contents. As you sort through, you will undoubtedly discover things you are no longer using or that you no longer want in your life. These things have to be purged before you continue. Once you have done that, you can place the remaining contents neatly back into the drawer. The disarray was necessary for the organization to take place.  When we give these treatments, the treatment given continues to work toward the person’s healing long after the session has ended. Remember it is intelligent energy that works with the natural energy of the person receiving the treatment.    Aside from a worsening of symptoms, some people feel very tired in the 12-48 hours after a Reiki  / Energy treatment, or need to urinate or move their bowels more frequently. Some people notice they are much more emotional. Others may feel as if they are coming down with a cold or flu for several hours to a day. It is important that we advise those we treat to honor the needs of their body. If rest is what the body asks for, rest should be given. Their system is healing and this can be hard work, so it is a good idea to support the process. Extra water is highly recommended as well.