From Our Clients


I received my first treatment from Miss Grant in September of 2017.I was accustomed to taking Motrin 800 mg every night.I  was taking it for a variety of aches and pains. I had neck upper and lower back pain as well as chest,  sinus and supra pubic pain and pressure. After just one  treatment, I was able to go over 25 days  (that's over 100+pills) without the need for any anti-inflammatory medication. It worked wonderfully for me.I highly recommend her.
David J. ,C.R.N.A.
State Licensed
Boord Certified
Anesthesia Provider


I have been coming to The Yoni House for over 1 1/2 years.  Angel is truly from pure love and light.  I have grown immensely both emotionally and spiritually from my treatments with Angel. Releasing old karmic energy has truly allowed me to be the best version of me. It has assisted me to walk in my divine destiny. What an amazing journey it has been.  Knowing where I come from is truly an immeasurable gift  My beauty treatments are amazing as well.  From Microblading to Lipocavitation, I can't say enough about my results.  I absolutely love my candles, Angel! I can't decide which I love the most; Goddess or Love Potion. They both smell divine. When using Goddess, I can literally feel my strength and knowledge grow. An amazing experience. With Love Potion , let's just say, "I'm engaged!" It's so much more than a Cupid/Love Potion", tho. It's pure love. Accepting, celebrating and appreciating our differences, is absolutely what Love is all about. I can't wait to try your other products. Thank you, Angel. Your love of life is the gift that keeps on giving, even when the treatment is complete!

Tyiesha, Retired Vet/Energy Healer
Columbus, Ga


Hopeless like a penny with a hole in it is what I was.  That's what I felt about  myself n my life.  I was full of anger and self hate. My spirit was crying out for help. Something in me wanted to die bad yet I didn't. My soul began to cry out for help and done this for several months. My spirit keep telling me to call Angel.  I received a spiritual bath the previous year and it was truly a blessed.  My soul began to cry out for help and done this for several months.  I received I finally called Angel and I can say I was in the need of a 911 emergency.   When I lay back on the table and close my eyes I felt the energy in my body start to move. Not knowing what it was I was gonna experience it was an experience of a life time . Many people talk about laying down your burdens and then stuff go. I can truly say on that day when I laid on the table. I lay down my burdens for the last time and my pass was actually my past. When i say touched by an Angel believe you me that is so real.  And as I go through my day after laying on the table. My body is full of electrical energy my mind is full of Desires of being great and accomplishing everything I ever wanted to do. In all the 42 years of my life I've never knew what true happiness was. But as of now I can truly say I am happy with me in what I think in love about myself. I truly wanna say thank you for being the angel in the blessing in my life. My success is no longer A dream is an actual fact. Again thank you😀

42 looks good on me,

 Behavioral Specialist 

Macon, Ga


I have to tell you Thank You! 🙏🏿 I got a yoni vaginal detox steam and meditation with you in 2016. During that time we stated some positive affirmations and had an enlightening meditation! You stated that I would go to California(which I did on a work contract), on my travels I will meet a man(which I did in Ghana), that man would become my husband( Dec2017). He would only become my husband if I straightened out hidden things with my Dad! I recently got married to a Ghanaian man! Before we could get married his family had to seek permission from my dad! You are nothing less than amazing! I greatly appreciate you! My husband shared a similar story of a priestess telling him how he’d meet his wife! You were on my mind and I had to share my story with you! THANK YOU ANGEL!!!
Breanna, Registered Nurse

Words can not describe the experience with Angel at the Yoni House. " When the student is ready, the instructor appears." Everyone should experience this transformational journey during one of her sessions. I am a believer that mind, body, spirit must be addressed if you want total healing. I experienced immediate results after my very first treatment. Releasing physical pain and emotional baggage at the same time, what a concept. Bless you Angel, you're truly working in your calling.
Beverly, Nurse


In 2016 I saw Angel Grant for Chi Nei Tsang treatment of insomnia and anxiety. I can't remember everything she did, but at the end of the treatment I fell into a light sleep. Within a year I started sleeping better, but I can't tell if it was due to the treatment, or other lifestyle changes.
In January 2018 I saw Angel Grant for Chi Nei Tsang treatment of imbalances and misalignments in my pelvic/sacral region, which has caused me injury in my right hamstrings, right outer hip, and right lower back. Parts of the treatment (when my abdomen was pressed into) were very painful on both my abdominal and back muscles. At the end of the treatment I felt very relaxed. I was sore on my lower back the next day, and had a small bruise on my lower abdomen. The night of my treatment and the following night, I slept well. 2 days after my treatment I was no longer sore and the bruise was gone. In my ashtanga yoga practice I felt very balanced in both of my legs, hips, and both sides of my back.

Kyle, Software Engineer Salesforce



Due to the everyday stresses of work and life in general, I recently visited the yoni house because I was interested in adding a meditation coach to go along with daily prayer. The owner Angel Grant was a great guide and taught me new techniques to quite my mind. She has other disciplines that I tried before like chi nei sang which was like a tune up for the next part of my life. I am glad that we crossed paths!

A. Nelson, Entrepreneur



My first experience with Angel Grant and The Yoni House started in June of 2015 with online yoga. I live in Florida and I took one on one yoga classes via Skype. After my first class I immediately noticed my stress level reduced significantly. My focus and concentration increased so much that I started excelling on my job. Within 3 months I lost 15 pounds and have maintained the weight loss. Angel also performed "Distant Reiki" on me for a recurring lower back pain. The pain is no longer there.

In August 2015 I flew her to Miami to conduct sound healing therapy to nursing students at a prestigious private university. The students and faculty benefited from her great work and invited her back in October 2015 as their special guest at Miami's Children's Hospital's Diamond Ball.

Angel Grant is a successful international R&B singer/songwriter and producer that have transitioned into an amazing certified health, healing and fitness practitioner. If you are ready to experience all that life has to offer contact The Yoni House.


Miami, Fla



Angel’s class is very inspirational as well as enlightening, along with ways to loosen and target muscles that could be overworked for me especially as a touring drummer with artists such as Janet Jackson. Her approach is healing for anyone interested in “balance” in their life.

Lil' John Roberts, Musician, Producer


I feel good. I feel powerful! You chiseled away something in our session that allowed me to fully understand why I felt the way I felt, and it's because I felt no one could see me. So when you said you wanted to just hug me because I've been through so much, I was so thankful to have someone or anyone acknowledge what I've been through and see that I've tried to still be a good person in spite of it all. I have cried, slept all day after our session, journaled and thought and produced work! I had been so stuck in so many areas and things are becoming so much easier.  I feel like a river flowing and I can't believe this is all happening after one session. Thank you so much 

Adrienne H


I felt SO good the day after my first yoga session! 😊 

Thank you 🙏! 

You are a God send. 

I have more energy, more agility, my mind is sharper, my mood is better, and I don't feel as sluggish in the AM. 

This may be too much information, but I think my first BM after our session was a compacted waste elimination, I had some regular days afterwards and then another total elimination a few days later. 

My knee is better. 

Thanks to both the Toksen and Yin yoga.

It's stronger and there's less pain. 

I can only imagine how it will feel after a couple more sessions.  

Thank you so much Angel! 

When I played my first gig since the treatment I realized that I had gotten used to pain in my right knee. 

I was able to play all night really hard without feeling a thing. 

It was like I didn't even have a knee. 

Thank you so so much!

Kwame Gooden



Today (3/4/18) I came in for my Radiofrequency treatment and I was feeling a bit down.  Angela gave me some heartfelt encouragement that touched my soul and instantly calmed me.  Then when I looked in the mirror  (once she was through) I was elated at how youthful my face and neck looked... right in time for my birthday.  Angela took her time as she treated portions of my face (equally timed).  I could feel the manipulations and tell she was using specialized techniques to achieve her goal.  I will definitely return.



I went to see Angel for a Yoni Steam and it was a great experience. Angel is very kind and encouraging. The process lasted about two hours and included, meditation, stretching and repeating of specific affirmations, prior to your steam, which put me in an overall good mood. After just one steam, I saw a significant change in my cycle for the better, the overall reproductive health benefits of the Yoni Steam are amazing, I would highly recommend visiting The Yoni House



Before I did the Vaginal Steaming with Angel, I had not had intercourse for several years. It was to painful. After the vaginal steaming, I was able to use a small vibrator without without pain, and that has persisted for several months. Truly magical!

Anonymous, Atlanta, Ga  Fitness Instructor


I'm a long-time widower in my late 80's and have Vernon of Angel's clients for several years . I 'm in excellent health, have no muscular or joint pains, but in the years since my wife's death, I have come to realize  the importance of human touch. I spoke with Angel about this, and she suggested a healing modality that would assist me. I've been seeing Angel for several months now and have experienced a significant  increase in my sense of well-being and also a higher level of energy and libido. Thank you , Angel



You have given me a  more  meaningful life. And for that I celebrate you today and everyday.